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Recent Projects & Events

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Korean Connection is heavily involved in the West Michigan community, and collaborates with both city government and local leaders to accomplish its mission. Most recently, we were recognized by the MSU Council on Korean Studies for our service to the broader Michigan Community.

We're well-known for our popular Korean language classes and cooking experiences. 

We also annually:

  • Host tables at the Grand Rapids Public Museum's Ethnic Heritage Festival and the Grand Rapids Asian Festival to build awareness of the presence of our Korean population with unique and beautiful art forms including dance and food.

  • Host a community picnic in Millennium Park to celebrate The National Liberation Day of Korea.

  • Invite the Grand Rapids community to share with us a Korean dinner.

Before COVID, we hosted Christmas and Halloween parties for Korean students who are studying in West Michigan.​

10/70 Event

Thank you for celebrating Korean Connection's 10th anniversary and recognizing the service of our veterans at the 10/70 Anniversary event!


Honored by the MSU Council on Korean Studies

On October 1, 2022, Korean Connection was honored at Michigan State University by the Council of Korean Studies, and presented with the Special Service Award.

  • Thank you Dr. Sung Lee and Roger Thornburg for this nomination.

  • Thank you Peter Yoon and the Council of Korean Studies.

  • Thank you board members and volunteers past and present.


Annual Liberation Day Picnic

Korean Connection hosts a community picnic in Millennium Park on August 15, which is The National Liberation Day of Korea. This day celebrates the United States and the Soviet Union's liberation of Korea from 35 years of Japanese rule.

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Royyal Dog Mural Commission & Ceremony

In Summer 2022, Korean Connection and Roger Thornburg LLC helped bring an internationally-acclaimed Korean graffiti artist, Royyal Dog to Grand Rapids, MI to create a photorealistic mural on the Hopson Flats building located across from Founders Brewing Co.

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Grand Rapids x Gangnam Sister City

On September 26, 2021, Mayor Bliss and City Manager Washington had a virtual signing ceremony with Gangnam-gu's Mayor Jeong Sun-kyun to discuss the planned Sister City relationship between Grand Rapids and Gangnam-gu.

Discussions included opportunities for artistic, cultural and economic exchanges, such as Gangnam-gu's continued hosting of ArtPrize in a pop-up format, K-Pop concerts in Grand Rapids as well as start-up, business and medical partnerships.


Chuseok: A Korean Thanksgiving 

Korean Connection chose in 2019 to formally celebrate Chuseok for the first time in thanks to West Michigan for its many years of support and participation in the organization's Korean language classes, cooking classes and more.

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