Ten things to buy on your first trip to a Korean grocery

by Mark Hoffman

first posted: 2/17/2018

last updated: 2/28/2018

So you discovered a liking for Korean flavors and want to add some Korean-style cooking to your culinary repertoire. You can find easy-to-follow visual recipes on YouTube. But shopping at any ethnic grocery store can be intimidating. Yet, after you start, I think you will discover that the owners and staff are friendly and helpful. And you will never need to hear "‘unexpected item in bagging area.’'

There are three Korean grocers in Grand Rapid, all in the same south-side neighborhood.

Seoul Market, 660 36th St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509

Lee's Oriental Market,  3004 Division Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Olympic Market, 3530 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

What should you buy on your first shopping trip for Korean food? You may be seeking ingredients for a specific recipe. But the following are ten items you might consider buying even if they are not an immediately needed ingredient.